Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Tuna

Oceans love us.
Seafoodies crave us.

Eat your heart out. AQUA seafood is 100% fish-free. Grown in Chicago. Scaled to feed Earth.

Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Scallops

Savory, buttery goodness that tastes ocean-born.

AQUA is as delicious as traditional seafood. It’s fresher than fresh-caught. Fresher than Friday sushi. Fresher than anything you’ve ever chopsticked into your mouth.

Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Tuna

AQUA makes seafood safe.

No Contaminants

Allergen Free

Nutrient Dense 

Fresh for 6 Weeks

Sea-Free Supply Chain


Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Seafood
Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Tuna

Made to exacting
chef standards.

Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Tuna

This isn’t a direct to freezer seafood alternative. AQUA is worthy of special occasions and high-end applications, including dumplings, crudo, mousse, tartare, and sushi.

Immaculate Texture

Sushi Grade

6-Week Freshness

“When I first learned about AQUA, I was incredibly intrigued and excited by their offerings and passion to save the ocean. Then after my first try of the product, I was beyond impressed with the look, texture and moisture. So much so, I sent pictures to a few chefs who were also in disbelief.”
Laurent Manrique
French Restaurateur and Michelin-Starred Chef

AQUA sustains humanity on a planet obsessed with seafood.

Healthier humans

We’re seafoodies through and through. You can trust that what’s plated before you tastes as sensational as what’s swimming in the seven seas—without all that sketchy “is this safe to eat” business.

Healthier waters

Ordering shrimp cocktail should be a party, not a moral crisis. AQUA takes the seafood supply chain out of the sea. No fishing. No farming. So our oceans can rest and return to their former fin-flapping glory.

Healthier planet

AQUA eliminates carbon-stirring ocean trawling and emissions associated with Big Fishing. It also scales to feed a rapidly growing global population. With AQUA on the menu, we can turn love for seafood into love for the planet.

Join the future of seafood.