We science the fish out of fermentation.

Even the biggest food purists will lose their fishsticks over our animal-free seafood—developed through the same fermentation process that gave us beer, cheese, and yogurt.

Aqua Cultured Foods Production Process

Prep the brewing vat.

Once we’ve obsessively sterilized our growing environment, we create a nourishing, living broth from tiny microbes. These microbes are gorgeous little workaholics that rapidly grow.

Aqua Cultured Foods Production Process

Grow fiber into filets.

Through our patent-pending process, we ferment and grow fiber into perfect whole cut filets within our signature broth. This fiber is the same texture hero found in greens, cheeses, and legumes.

Aqua Cultured Foods Production Process

Cut, season, marinate.

After pasteurization and cutting, we fine-tune taste and color with brewmaster control. Just the right dash of umami and sweetness is imparted to perfectly dupe the flavors of those million-dollar tuna and costly crustaceans.

Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Seafood

Serve like traditional seafood.

In a matter of weeks, we have perfect fish-free tuna, shrimp, and scallops that can scale to feed billions of people while letting our oceans rest.

Fish-less seafood has arrived at fine dining.

Aqua Cultured Foods Fish-Free Scallops

You already
know why.

Understand the what/
What is fermentation and how does AQUA use it?

AQUA uses a combination of traditional fermentation (using live microbes to create food) and biomass fermentation (using naturally occurring, fast-growing microorganisms) to create fish-free seafood. We do not utilize precision fermentation, which uses microbial hosts as “cell factories” to make specific ingredients, like enzymes and vitamins.

Is this cultivated meat?

Nope! We’ve got bigger fish-free fish to fry. Instead of cultivating seafood from fish cells, we grow fishless seafood from tiny microbes. Our fermentation process delivers whole cuts of 100% fish-free filets. So EVERYONE can feast guilt-free (and gills-free).

Does AQUA farm fish?

Our products are 100% animal-free. No fish farming, aquaculture practices, or questionable doses of antibiotics are needed to make our delicious fish-free seafood.

How is this different from plant-based seafood?

Plant-based products are typically a mashup of plant proteins (like pea or soy) and carby starches. While helpful to the ocean, the end result can be ingredient-heavy, resource-intense, and nutritionally skimpy. At AQUA, we grow our cuts of fish-free seafood using a nutrient-rich broth that dishes out hefty substance with minimal ingredients. Also? The texture will make you emotional.

What is AQUA made from?

Tiny microbes and fibers combined with plant-derived flavors replicate the exact buttery texture and umami tang seafoodies love.

Are there any allergens?

None. Nada. Poof. Your pregnant friend with all the intolerances can chow down every night of the week.

Where can I try it?

Everywhere from a Michelin star restaurant in Malibu to a quaint pub in the Cotswolds. Sign up to be the first to know when AQUA drops in your city’s food scene.