Our oceans and our cravings need a hero.

Instead of blaming, shaming, or wringing our hands, we rolled up our sleeves.

AQUA is self-care for the modern food chain to heal a hungry world obsessed with seafood.

AQUA makes
seafood safe.

The Problem
Nobody really knows what’s lurking in their fishsticks.
Hard to Trace
Unpredictable Freshness
Potentially Harmful to Eat

Big Fishing trawls up seafood that’s swimming in microplastics and mercury. And exactly how long has that “fresh catch” been drifting at sea, waiting to be loaded on the next flight? Meanwhile, Big Farming is overmedicating its sleepy, stressy schools of fish with hormones and pesticides. Even if you support a reputable fishery, there are still allergens and that fleeting window of freshness to think about.

The Fix
We grow fish-free seafood you can trust.
Full Supply Chain Visibility
Fresher than Fresh-Caught
No Secret Ingredients

AQUA removes the entire trust fall from the seafood equation––serving animal-free fish that is lovingly chef-prepared to exacting standards. We’re shucking sketchy contaminants and restrictive allergens for risk-free (fish-free!) filets that stay as fresh as Day 1 for up to 6 weeks. Not to toot our own conch shell, but it’s scientifically impossible to get a bad piece of fish when you eat AQUA.

AQUA helps the ocean absorb more carbon.

The Problem
Rising ocean temps affect all life, not just our gilled friends.
Fewer Fish
Longer Fishing Expeditions
More Carbon

When the oceans are too hot to handle due to accelerating climate change, coral reefs shut down. Fish schools pack up shop. And boats have to travel farther to fill their nets. This contributes to more climate change. While all of this is going down, our ocean’s #1 superpower (absorbing most of the world’s carbon) is weakened. So the waters get hotter.

The Fix
We leave our waters alone so our oceans can cool and heal.
Zero Reliance on the Sea
Less Climate Disruption
Flipper Sends His Love

Our carbon-neutral copy of traditional seafood takes the supply chain out of the sea. This helps our overworked oceans rest and recover the ability to sink carbon and cool the planet.

AQUA reduces emissions.

The Problem
Conventional seafood is an emissions-heavy globetrotter.
Greenhouse Gassy
Global Logistics
Climate Disruptive

Holy sea cow, the race to deliver fresh seafood blows a lot of smoke. Beyond the enormous fuel emissions released by fishing boats, overnight flights, and delivery trucks all over the world, powerful refrigerants are also required to preserve each catch at sea. These greenhouse gasses trap heat and contribute to global climate change.

The Fix
We deliver fresh fish-free seafood with no overseas freight required.
In-Country Supply Chain
No Armada Needed at Sea
Fewer Emissions

Because AQUA is 100% fish-free, relying instead on abundantly available microbes, we can utilize in-country everything. Ingredients. Labor. Infrastructure. And because AQUA can be scaled to grow anywhere on the planet, even the most remote, landlocked regions can access fresh fish-free seafood with emissions-light supply chains.

AQUA replenishes the underwater universe.

The Problem
Overfishing is causing our oceans to come up blank.
Disappearing Fish
Disruptive Bottom Trawling
Costly Bycatch

Seafood is earth’s favorite protein. And earth’s population is predicted to hit 10 billion by 2050. There isn’t enough sea or land to feed us all, but that doesn’t stop Big Fishing from trying. Wider nets, longer trips, and deeper trawling put the entire underwater food chain at risk while snagging innocent bystanders like seals, dolphins, and turtles. What’s a hungry world to do?

The Fix
We can give seafood a reprieve AND feed billions of people.
Ecosystem Independent
Fish Populations Return
Zero Flippers Harmed

Instead of chasing creatures of the deep, we’re growing billions of microbes who are HAPPY to look like seafood, act like seafood, and taste like seafood. AQUA breaks the overfishing cycle to restock entire underwater ecosystems. So supply can finally outpace demand. Independent fishermen can regain their livelihoods. Diners can tartare like it’s 1999. And our tapped waters can recover as boats and nets are traded for ocean-saving 
brew vats.

AQUA prevents ocean trashing and trawling.

The Problem
Our oceans are swimming with plastics and ghost traps.
Filling Fish Bellies
Trapping Marine Life
Polluting Beaches

Around 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. Old fishing nets, ropes, and lines make up 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. These materials break into microplastics which pass through our seafood chain. In addition, lost gear such as traps contribute to “ghost fishing” while transferring toxins that can cause harmful algal blooms.

The Fix
We introduce a seafood category that does not require fishing. 
No Ocean Pollution
No Ghost Fishing

Our fish-free seafood leaves no trace on our troubled waters. AQUA is your seafood hookup without the hook. Or net. Or trap. We eliminate fish lines to cast a lifeline that buys our oceans and our seafood addiction more time. The results of our carefully fermented seafood are ocean-safe tuna, shrimp, and scallops that can get in the door of any fine dining establishment.

We have oceans to save and seafood addicts to feed. Join us in feeding billions of seafood lovers while the oceans rest.